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Title: On a Need to Know Basis
Rating: All Ages (Gen)
Word count: 100 in MS Word
Warnings: None
Summary: Some information is best kept to oneself...
Characters: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, the Doctor (3rd)
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its many associated characters and copyrights do not, of course, belong to me!

Inspired by a plot point in the Series 8 finale; I may be mixing the timeline up a bit, but this is the first thing that came to mind.

Teaspoon link: http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=56815

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A new year – new borderline-worrying UNIT dating spam! :D

As you will recall, in previous posts trying to make sense of the fearsomely complex UNIT Dating Conundrum it was established that:

Remembrance of the Daleks and An Unearthly Child definitely both took place in the fourth quarter of 1963.

July the 20th, 1966 was a really busy day for the Doctor and also establishes that the Whoniverse, for want of a better term, is much more scientifically and technologically advanced than “our” world was in the same time period. UNIT stories therefore don’t have to take place in the near future just because they contain then-futuristic elements. The Faceless Ones is also, bizarrely, technically a pseudo-historical.

Also, The Web of Fear most likely took place around the time of its actual production and broadcast at the end of 1967/beginning of 1968.

The Invasion took place roughly four years later, probably in the autumn of 1971 to give us enough time to fit everything else in before the Brigadier’s established retirement date in 1976. This and many of the following UNIT stories therefore do actually take place in the near future from the point of view of the time they were produced, just not as far forward as the production team probably intended (when they remembered). The technological edge isn’t the only difference between the Whoniverse and our own; by the time this version of 1971 rolls around the world political situation also seems very different from “our” history.

And now we push on, with Spearhead from Space, the dreaded Season 6b and good stuff like that!

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tl;dr: Spearhead from Space takes place “months” after an unseen missing UNIT story which takes place shortly after the late-1971-dated The Invasion. And Season 6b is real! And more on UNIT dating next time, where I will actually start specifying years, months etc. Don’t miss it!
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September has actually started, but I've unilaterally decided that it's still not too late to sign up for the next round of the [community profile] who_at_50 Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Fanwork-a-thon-a-thon:

Round Nine: Three

(Secondary prompt: Who Spinoffs)

If you have an interest in Doctor Who fanwork of whatever form, take the time to look at the post on one or other of the LJ and Dreamwidth version of the comm. If it takes your fancy, be sure to announce your intention to take part!

The Livejournal Version

The Dreamwidth Version

Remember - all fanworks of whatever form are more than welcome!


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