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So, er, I was trying to write one fic and ended up writing a completely different one instead. By accident. Don't tell me that has never happened to any of you.

Title: Cold Dreaming
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Madame Vastra/Jenny, various OC Silurians, Strax gets a mention because he's Strax
Warnings: Bloody swordfighting-related violence
Summary: In the cold and dark, she dreams. A possible Madame Vastra origin story.
Word count: 7,664
Notes: So, I kind of wrote this by "accident" while blocking on another fic. It's the longest fic I've written in quite a long time, and flowed pretty freely however, so I just kind of went with it. Mainly, this is indulging my personal obsessions with feathered dinosaurs, unilaterally retconning Silurian dating to coincide with the actual K-T extinction event and gratuitous swordplay. Basically, I think if Madame Vastra is going to tote that weapon around she should make more use of it. There is, however, some Vastra/Jenny towards the end. And some pretty gory violence along the way, so yeah. As ever, Doctor Who and the various characters and copyrights attached to it most definitely do not belong to me!
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Well, I hadn't until I ran across it this evening. I liked it very much, and wish the scene had made it into the televised story; might have made me feel a bit easier about the ending

SPOILERS if you haven't seen the end of S7 yet:

It leaves me in a slight quandary, however. On the one hand, I think this is now my personal "fanon", as of the moment I saw it. On the other, it invalidates a central plank of the story I was already starting to write for the Eleven/Romana ficathon. Ah, well.
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Boosting the signal - if you're so inclined, please check out the 3rd Annual Eleven/Romana Ficathon:


To quote the esteemed [livejournal.com profile] clocketpatch, its creator and proprietor:

The time when we gather together to write fic (and make art) about Eleven-era characters meeting up with Romana. Why do we do this? Because Eleven is awesome and Romana is awesome, therefore putting them together must obviously = double the awesome and the fic results from past years certainly support this conclusion. So, without further ado, I open day registrations for the third annual Eleven_Romana ficathon!


All entries must contain at least one Eleven era character interacting with Romana. This can be Romana I, II, III or an author created version. There is no minimum length requirements, but anything over 1000 words must be under a cut or link. There are no rating restrictions, but you must cut and warn for anything over PG-13.

You know you want to...
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Title: Torchwood 1917: The Blood-Dimmed Tide
Chapter Seven
(All chapters)
Rating: Teen
Characters: WW1-era Torchwood: Gerald Carter, Harriet Derbyshire, Lydia Childs, Douglas Caldwell, Dr Charles Quinn; classic Who monsters to remain anonymous for the moment
Genres: Action/Adventure,Drama,General,Horror,Mystery,Series
Warnings: Explicit Violence,Swearing (It's...Torchwood! :D)
Summary: As the Great War rages on, Torchwood Three discover more frightening things than U-boats lurking beneath the cruel sea
Word count: 20,286 (to date)
Author's Notes: In which Gerald and Harriet finally meet the unfortunate survivor from that U-boat that fell foul of the "curse of the teaser" right back in Chapter 1. If you have a nodding acquaintance with a particular era of oldschool Who you'll already have guessed who the as-yet unseen alien threat might be (and the end of this part will only confirm your guess!); the thing with the scary pictures is taken from a related story from the same era. I do not, alas, speak German - the German-language dialogue here is all taken from Google's translation tool. I tried to double-check all of it, but some howlers may have crept through...


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