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So, today is the 50th anniversary of the original airing of the first episode of the original series of Star Trek. Only three years late, Trek! ;)

It’s not something I’ve ever really talked about extensively online, but I like Star Trek. I like it rather a lot to be honest, or perhaps more accurately it’s been one of my pop-cultural touchstones for as long as I can remember. It’s not as intense as my obsession with Doctor Who (I don’t think I’d presume to claim to be a card-carrying Trekker; they probably have entrance exams and everything before you get granted a licence), but it’s something I keep coming back to, and watching, and even thinking about in a fannish way from time to time, although I’ve never to my knowledge committed Trek fic. No, not even the ur-text of all fanfic everywhere, Kirk/Spock…

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Well, new X-Files was on here in Blighty last night, after my months of fevered speculation and anticipation I naturally made sure I caught it. And did it live up to my expections?

As ever, for me a pithy comment will never suffice when an epic rambling dissection is an option, and with that Wordpress thingy I started a while back and still haven't made much use of, I thought, why not indeed?



Tl:dr - Nothing would have, tbh, but I liked it a great deal. At the same time, I can understand completely the reasons some others have expressed for not being as enamoured with it. So yeah - looking forward to next week's now :D
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Honestly, even though on some intellectual level I know it is never going to live up to the hype in my head, I am so ready for this:

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EDIT: In case you're now scratching your head in puzzlement (as you can no longer watch the embedded video), it was a trailer for the new X-Files miniseries which is due to air in January 2016 and which, as you may imagine, I am very, very excited/anxious about. Except now it's gone, seemingly as part of some sort of recherché advertising strategy on the part of the makers.

This article may shed light on the matter (you can also watch a new trailer there with some of the same footage as the old one):

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...while watching the 2008 X-Files movie (a.k.a. I Want to Believe a.k.a. The One With Billy Connolly In It) last night...

No, not "Yay, it's the Skin Man!" but only because I've seen it a couple of times before. That was certainly my main thought when I first viewed it.

And not how different it was to the first movie made a decade earlier, while being if anything even truer to the actual television series (especially some of those dark, nasty little stories in Season 4 or thereabouts), although that is a thought that has occurred to me before in relation to this film.

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How the...flip did I not know that William Russell was in The Great Escape before seeing him dragged out of a tunnel by a German guard earlier today?!

Alas, the Luftwaffe dude did not exclaim "Hande hoch, Chesterfield!"

Pre-Who, too, as Wiki informs me the film was released in June 1963 - no wonder David McCallum looks about twelve!

In other news, Last Christmas was imho very good indeed - "Sweet Papa Crimbo!"
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...was a fairly whacked-out cartoon they used to show on Children's BBC back in the early 90s. It was about this alien planet (I assume) where there was, well, a lot of ocean. A bit like Earthsea or somewhere. And pirates. And "dark water", which was like this Lovecraftian abomination from the Beyond, one part oil slick one part The Blob, which was slowly eating said planet and generally interfering with the kewl adventures of the various pirates. Oh, and there was some likely young Chosen One looking for lost amulets or something in order to fulfil his Destiny, and possibly do something about the dark water. It was actually better than I've probably just made it sound.

That, however, has little or nothing to do with this week's episode of New Doctor Who...

It is a truth universally acknowledged (well, that might be overstating it a tad) that you cannot truly know yourself until you have been put under some sort of existential pressure. It is only in the moment of crisis, this somewhat overdramatic take on human nature posits, that somebody fully understands who they are and the things of which they are capable. I do not think I am exaggerating when I say that I experienced such a moment a few minutes from the end of Dark Water...

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Anyway, that's enough from me. Let's wait until Saturday and then you can all watch me trying to eat those last words there. ;)
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Is it just me being a curmudgeon, or is it a bit early to be crowning Jamie Mathieson showrunner-in-waiting just because he wrote two good scripts in a row? Are people that eager to be rid of Moffat? (And before you scoff at my naivety, I do glance at Tumblr from time to time nowadays and know that yes, yes quite a lot of them are).

[trollishness]Anyway, isn't that Gatiss's job to refuse, given his close links to Der Moff?[/trollishness]

It also seems that Mathieson may have been tapped up by France (yes, the entire country).

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I think it's pretty much a truism of Doctor Who fandom that everybody's - everybody's - favourite story is some other fan's most hated. And the reverse, of course.

For me, this bit of news is yet more proof that that truism is, er, true. Once again I am given cause to reflect what a long shadow, for better or worse, the Ten/RTD era still casts over the series, even when we're literally only a couple of months away from moving on to Twelve. Best moment in science fiction, horror and fantasy? Best moment in Doctor Who? Best moment in the post-2005 series, even? Not even close, for me. Not even in my top twenty, if I had to compile one. Could possibly be in my bottom twenty, but I suspect there would be quite a lot of Series 2 moments in there, tbh.

When, oh when, will people stop disagreeing with me on t'internets???!! ;D

Rik Mayall

Jun. 9th, 2014 07:05 pm
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Astonished and saddened this afternoon to read that one of my pop-cultural touchstones Rik Mayall - Lord Flashheart, amongst many other things - has passed away today. No word as to cause yet, but 56 is too young in any case. My thoughts go out to his family.

One thing he did that I haven't seen mentioned in any of the articles and obituaries that are online now, but which stuck very vividly in my mind, was his "reading" (more like slapstick performance-art re-enactment) of Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine on Jackanory back in the day. I remember it being an absolutely frenetic, bravura sort of performance that was probably wasted on the kiddly-winks such as myself who were watching it.
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So, er, like, y'know, I went and did a meme, like.

Yoinked from [personal profile] eve11 here.

The internet is an amazing place that has allowed us to communicate and share with each other, but there is just something about listening to someone else's voice and getting to know them through the things that make them unique. Cadence, accent, the amount of times someone says "UM" -- all of those things are a delightful way to appreciate the friends you already have and the friends you are hoping to make.

The instructions are super easy: record yourself answering the questions below the jump and then post it in the comments!

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And as I say, I quite enjoyed doing that. I hope you enjoyed it too. It was quite recreational. If any of you have any suggestions about other things I could ramble about and post here, then please let me know. :)

EDIT: I've had a bit of feedback from a couple of listeners who have said that the sound on the linked recordings is very low for them, so be warned you may need to crank your volume up a bit. :)

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Less than 24 hours to go, at least here in the UK, until Eleven bites the big one and Mr Peter Capaldi takes up the Doctorly mantle. In the meantime, please allow me to extend the best wishes of the season - and of whichever midwinter holiday you may or may not be celebrating - to all of you. Have a good one. :)

And thinking of Eleven, and my own sadness tinged with excitement concerning his impending demise, I thought I'd just run through eleven of my favourite Eleven stories and why I like them:

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There were certainly a number of others that would have made the list had it been longer, or had I been compiling it on a different day. The only reason The Day of the Doctor didn't make it is because I don't think it counts as purely an Eleven story...and because I'm still recovering from it a month later and can't really offer an objective assessment as yet. I'm sure all of you will have your own that you would have included in such a list while being quietly appalled by some of my choices. Who fandom - I hope it never changes. :) Please feel free to discuss any serious omissions I may have made in the comments to this post.

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I hope you're all having an excellent one, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

I have basically opted out of normal life for the day. I started off by listening to the thing on Radio 4 Extra this morning, which was basically a compilation of shorter documentary bits about Who from over the past few years. The highlight was Mark Gatiss waxing enthusiastic about the oldschool Target books - had to laugh at the bit about the stock descriptions they used for each Doctor, because it was so true.

Then I re-watched the Culture Show special "Me, You and Doctor Who" that was on BBC Two last night, on the old iPlayer. I can't recommend it highly enough - highlight was possibly Ken Livingstone, of all people, discussing how the stories of the Pertwee era reflected the political landscape of early-70s Britain.

I did actually take a Who break to watch the football, which probably makes me disloyal or something, but then the postman brought my DVD of "The Enemy of the World", which I plan to watch again tomorrow. And then I started watching The Five Doctors, which is still on as I type.

And then I realised it's only just over two hours until the special and started getting the jitters...
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I can't shake the image of that bit at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, with that knight and Count Scarlioni and so on:

"He chose...poorly."
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I feel like a bit of a sellout for throwing my hard-earned so pathetically at The Man so easily (it's the first time I've bought anything off iTunes in many, many moons)...but...but...!

Yeah, I've just finished mainlining both "The Enemy of the World" and "The Web of Fear" in one long, ridiculous eleven-episodes-plus-one-25-minute-recon marathon and all I can say is...yeah, man. You know, I've watched recons and read the Target novelisations of both of these stories, but it was still like watching them both for the first time (well you know, because, well it was). Amazing stuff. I'm moved, in a silly fanboyish "gah, something in my eye!" sort of way. Moved!

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And at the end of "The Web of Fear" it says "Next Week Fury from the Deep". If only, eh? ;)


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