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Story: Presidential Address
At Teaspoon - At AO3
Rating: All Ages
Word Count: 695
Summary: Shut up and listen, Earthlings. The President’s talking.
Characters/Pairings: Just Twelve and his axe
Warnings: Some mild cumudgeonliness about aspects of NuWho, nothing bashing though, I hope.

Please allow the valiant Teaspoon Mods time to validate!

So, it occurs to me that we're more than halfway through his second series and I still haven't tried writing anything featuring Twelve. I quite like the idea of those console room straight-to-camera monologues of his, so this is along those lines. And it sort of came out being a bit critical of NuWho NuNIT stories in general and recent ones in particular, that sort of thing being uppermost on my mind after last Saturday's episode. Anyway...
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Title: On a Need to Know Basis
Rating: All Ages (Gen)
Word count: 100 in MS Word
Warnings: None
Summary: Some information is best kept to oneself...
Characters: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, the Doctor (3rd)
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its many associated characters and copyrights do not, of course, belong to me!

Inspired by a plot point in the Series 8 finale; I may be mixing the timeline up a bit, but this is the first thing that came to mind.

Teaspoon link: http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=56815

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How the...flip did I not know that William Russell was in The Great Escape before seeing him dragged out of a tunnel by a German guard earlier today?!

Alas, the Luftwaffe dude did not exclaim "Hande hoch, Chesterfield!"

Pre-Who, too, as Wiki informs me the film was released in June 1963 - no wonder David McCallum looks about twelve!

In other news, Last Christmas was imho very good indeed - "Sweet Papa Crimbo!"
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...was a fairly whacked-out cartoon they used to show on Children's BBC back in the early 90s. It was about this alien planet (I assume) where there was, well, a lot of ocean. A bit like Earthsea or somewhere. And pirates. And "dark water", which was like this Lovecraftian abomination from the Beyond, one part oil slick one part The Blob, which was slowly eating said planet and generally interfering with the kewl adventures of the various pirates. Oh, and there was some likely young Chosen One looking for lost amulets or something in order to fulfil his Destiny, and possibly do something about the dark water. It was actually better than I've probably just made it sound.

That, however, has little or nothing to do with this week's episode of New Doctor Who...

It is a truth universally acknowledged (well, that might be overstating it a tad) that you cannot truly know yourself until you have been put under some sort of existential pressure. It is only in the moment of crisis, this somewhat overdramatic take on human nature posits, that somebody fully understands who they are and the things of which they are capable. I do not think I am exaggerating when I say that I experienced such a moment a few minutes from the end of Dark Water...

Mucho SPOILERS and raw, emotional truth under the cut! )

Anyway, that's enough from me. Let's wait until Saturday and then you can all watch me trying to eat those last words there. ;)
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Is it just me being a curmudgeon, or is it a bit early to be crowning Jamie Mathieson showrunner-in-waiting just because he wrote two good scripts in a row? Are people that eager to be rid of Moffat? (And before you scoff at my naivety, I do glance at Tumblr from time to time nowadays and know that yes, yes quite a lot of them are).

[trollishness]Anyway, isn't that Gatiss's job to refuse, given his close links to Der Moff?[/trollishness]

It also seems that Mathieson may have been tapped up by France (yes, the entire country).

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