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A new year – new borderline-worrying UNIT dating spam! :D

As you will recall, in previous posts trying to make sense of the fearsomely complex UNIT Dating Conundrum it was established that:

Remembrance of the Daleks and An Unearthly Child definitely both took place in the fourth quarter of 1963.

July the 20th, 1966 was a really busy day for the Doctor and also establishes that the Whoniverse, for want of a better term, is much more scientifically and technologically advanced than “our” world was in the same time period. UNIT stories therefore don’t have to take place in the near future just because they contain then-futuristic elements. The Faceless Ones is also, bizarrely, technically a pseudo-historical.

Also, The Web of Fear most likely took place around the time of its actual production and broadcast at the end of 1967/beginning of 1968.

The Invasion took place roughly four years later, probably in the autumn of 1971 to give us enough time to fit everything else in before the Brigadier’s established retirement date in 1976. This and many of the following UNIT stories therefore do actually take place in the near future from the point of view of the time they were produced, just not as far forward as the production team probably intended (when they remembered). The technological edge isn’t the only difference between the Whoniverse and our own; by the time this version of 1971 rolls around the world political situation also seems very different from “our” history.

And now we push on, with Spearhead from Space, the dreaded Season 6b and good stuff like that!

Be afraid... Be very afraid... )

tl;dr: Spearhead from Space takes place “months” after an unseen missing UNIT story which takes place shortly after the late-1971-dated The Invasion. And Season 6b is real! And more on UNIT dating next time, where I will actually start specifying years, months etc. Don’t miss it!
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...with UNIT's early years, UNIT dating and the great Web-Invasion gap, these sound quite interesting:


Oh, and regarding UNIT dating, I think I've decided how I'm going to deal with Sarah's frankly bizarre "1980" remarks when I get to that bit (just ignore them?!). Which should be about next April judging by the "progress" I'm making with the next chapter of the fic (must do another chapter before I'll allow myself another weird UNIT-w*nk post on here!)


Oh, and you all know about Henry Lincoln's somewhat strange career after he was no longer writing for Doctor Who, don't you? I might do a post about that at some point - that sort of wacky pseudohistorical stuff is one of my sometime guilty pleasures.
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Oh, you thought I’d maybe stopped with the pointless UNIT dating posts? You don’t have luck like that.

Previous parts can be found HERE and HERE. To cut a long story short – we (that is, I) had chiefly come to the conclusions that 1. The War Machines takes place in 1966, as helpfully exposited in the serial The Faceless Ones, that 2. the Whoniverse’s 1966 was somewhat more scientifically and technologically advanced than “our” 1966, possibly due to the machinations of a certain Institute, and that 3. the preponderance of evidence would tend to suggest that The Web of Fear takes place in either late 1967 or early 1968, around about the time of its real life recording and broadcast.

Thanks, too, to [profile] john_elliott, who in the comments to the previous post pointed out that the map of the London Underground that can be glimpsed in Web doesn't show the Victoria Line, which historically opened in March 1969 – yet further corroboration for the above dating!

So, having established that, let’s consider the first proper UNIT story… )

tl:dr – I’m saying The Invasion takes place in the fourth quarter of 1971, or thereabouts.

Well, I didn’t get as far as Spearhead and a consideration of UNIT’s role in Season 6b (which totally happened!), but that’s enough of that for now. I’ve sort of told myself I can’t waste time posting about this stuff without completing a chapter of my Brig fic first, so I guess I’d better go and get cracking on that before we continue with these fascinating musings…
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So, more supremely fanw*nky thoughts on UNIT dating, pulled together in the course of writing this Brig fic I’ve got on the go.

As at least one commenter on the previous post, and various people over the years, including the likes of Ben Aaronovitch, have astutely observed, if they hadn’t stuffed it up royally in explicitly setting Mawdryn Undead in 1977/1983 and stating that the Brigadier left UNIT in 1976, then there wouldn’t be a UNIT dating controversy at all. We could just take the comments in The Web of Fear at face value and assume that the main UNIT stories all took place in the then-futuristic mid-late 1970s, running into the even more then-futuristic early 80s, when the cars, clothes, money, hairstyles and social attitudes just happened to resemble those of a decade or so earlier.

On that basis, we could simply say, as the new series has at numerous points, that “time can be rewritten” and that Mawdryn Undead all took place in some weird parallel reality, possibly deliberately created by the Black Guardian to trap the Doctor. Except that on the one hand that seems like a slippery sort of solution to the issue, and on the other you’d expect the Doctor himself to notice and comment on something like that if that was indeed what was going on.

Also, where’s the fun in it? ;)

It gets worse! )

tl:dr: On the basis of all of the above evidence, and in the spirit of “the death of the author” and all that jazz, I propose that while it’s impossible to say for certain, the preponderance of information we do have suggests that The Web of Fear takes place in either late 1967 or early 1968 at around the time of its real life production and broadcast.

And I went on rather longer than I intended to there. Next time (I know you can’t wait! ;D) we’ll consider The Invasion and Spearhead from Space and wade right into the stinking morass that is actual UNIT dating…

Dun dun dun!
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Like, wouldn't it be nice if the Brigadier had taken Liz out to a nice restaurant for a meal and a few drinks? And then they could have gone back to his post-divorce bachelor pad to look at his etchings, because the Brig seems like the sort to have etchings.

Oh right, the other sort of UNIT dating?

So I've got my fic mojo back a little bit these past couple of weeks. Basically, re-watching The Web of Fear and The Invasion while in the right frame of mind has made me commit a bit of Brig fic (more to come soon). And doing that sort of leads me to consider the old UNIT dating conundrum. I know, I know, it's effectively insoluble (1980, Sarah Jane, really?!)and better Who minds than mine have been defeated utterly by it, but I was just musing about it and musing led to looking things up and, well, it kind of veered off UNIT dating into thinking about 1960s Doctor Who stories generally. So, yeah.

Warning for extreme fanw*nkiness below! ;)

No, really, I'm not kidding! )


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