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Well, I hadn't until I ran across it this evening. I liked it very much, and wish the scene had made it into the televised story; might have made me feel a bit easier about the ending

SPOILERS if you haven't seen the end of S7 yet:

It leaves me in a slight quandary, however. On the one hand, I think this is now my personal "fanon", as of the moment I saw it. On the other, it invalidates a central plank of the story I was already starting to write for the Eleven/Romana ficathon. Ah, well.
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So, er...interesting.


Anyway - only so many shopping days left to Who's return and a fresh start, which is probably needed at this point. Can't wait. And then 2013, which I still feel needs emphatically marking somehow, by us, even if the BBC's efforts don't come up to snuff.
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...would have been a strangely apt title for this story. It was also the title of a long-ago BBC comedy-drama series which I believe provided an early breakthrough role for the young David Tennant. Although I don't think I've ever seen it. I have, however, seen his epic turn around the same time as a transvestite barmaid in Rab C. Nesbitt.

I digress, however (and quite possibly transgress, as well). What I of course meant to say was, well, how about that opening episode, then?

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To sort-of quote one of Eleven's more embarrassing friends, this isn't the end. It isn't even the beginning of the end. It's merely the end of the beginning...

Or to put it another way, it's the last part of Pond Life:


In which all is not well in the House of Pond. I think this is our direct intro into the beginning of S7. It has that sort of to-be-fully-explained-later vibe about it, I think.

Personally, I think the events of this part probably stem from a disagreement over that poor Ood and his predicament. I still can't get over that...

I may have promised more nonsense relating to the impending series tonight. I may have lied, a bit. Instead, content yourselves with marvelling at the cutting edge Doctor Who 50th Anniversary artwork the Beeb has commissioned (I was alerted to this by listening to the extremely droll Radio Free Skaro podcast - check it out if you've got some time to kill):


I was going to offer my carefully considered critique of said artwork, but on reflection "huh, could've knocked that up in Photoshop* in half an hour and who on Earth decided which monsters got in?" probably about covers it. ;D

Oh...and ONE DAY TO GO!

*or its free-to-download near-equivalent, anyway

EDIT: As [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook points out in the comments section, I could almost certainly not, in fact, produce better artwork than that myself even with the best computer graphics programme in the world with all the bells and whistles, and certainly not within a thirty-minute time frame. Nevertheless, I still don't think it's that good. Something about the differently-scaled Doctor portraits jumbled together like that is just unpleasing to my eyes, or something. Apologies for any confusion caused. ;D
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Not being one for changing horses in mid-stream, I'm plunging on with today's instalment of Pond Life:


In which the Doctor and Amy seem to have no problem with the concept of forced labour, although Rory, to his credit, feels bad about it...a bit...as he tucks into his Full English. Good lad, that.

It actually made me remember the existence (which I had somehow suppressed from my mind) of the S4 story Planet of the Ood, with its charming suggestion that opposing and destroying slavery, both de jure and de facto, is absolutely the right and moral and heroic thing to do...unless you end up making the people who benefit from that slavery feel a bit guilty or uncomfortable while you're at it, because that's just rude.

An-y-waaay, as Ten would have said at this juncture, let's plunge on. Last night I gave you my bottom three stories of S6 of NuWho, and tonight I intend to press on with...

My Three Favourite Stories of S6 )

Two days left!
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I notice my flist seem to have got bored of "Pond Life". It's not exactly the greatest thing Who has ever produced, I'll admit. Still, this might raise a sort of apathetic half-smile (and spot the perhaps-sorta oldschool Who in-joke):


So, to recap yesterday's rambling narrative, I was just saying that, as many other fans have said, NuWho S6 wasn't really as good, overall, as the mostly-magnificent S5, although probably not for any of the reasons the would-be cognoscenti were pontificating over at the time. What it was not, however many fans may have said so, was terrible (in my opinion), yea even as terrible as S2, or even a game of two halves (as S3 and S4 arguably were, again in my opinion). It was, generally, a mixed bag, I think, but not to the extent that would turn me off the Eleven-Moffat project or anything (and let us be clear, here I am discussing Moffat's body of work in relation to NuWho, not whatever he might say or think or be like in real life or indeed his work on other projects). Anyway, and partially in response to a conversation that started on the previous post's comments, tomorrow I will wax lyrical about some of the stories I really liked in S6, but for now I will content myself with sharing with you...

My Three Least Favourite S6 Stories )

Three days remaining! That is all!
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Ah well, in for a penny, here's the second chunk of "Pond Life", if you haven't already seen it and have absolutely nothing better to do with your time:


Tangentially-related ramblings follow )

Four days...!
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Good to see the Doctor's taking that "staying under the radar" thing seriously:


Only five days to go...


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